Our Re-Manufacturing Process

All Vending Machines

All of our machines are thoroughly cleaned inside and out. We check to make sure all components are working properly with no problems. If a part is found to be non-working during the checking process, we make sure to repair or replace it. We do coin and dollar bill testing on all machines before shipping. We will pre-set the prices for you if desired.

Snack Machine Process

Clean machine thoroughly. Remove front trim, panels, coin insert bezel, delivery bin and buttons are removed to commence bodywork. The machine is then painted and equipped with necessary parts, including wiring harnesses, digital display, vend motors, controller board, coin mechanism & bill acceptor. All parts are re-checked and if needed, repaired or replaced.

Soda Machine Process

Machine is thoroughly pressure washed. Bodywork is done as well as prime and paint. Exterior is thoroughly checked including condenser fan, trim, sign, coin cup, validate plate, legs, drain pan, coin return lever, t-handle, new selection buttons are installed, L.E.D. displays, etc. Interior parts are also checked, repaired or replaced, including computer, temperature control, motors, evaporator fan, door switch, oscillator, coin box, fuses, coin and bill acceptor etc. Machine is coin and dollar bill tested and refrigeration unit is checked.

Fresh Food Machine Process

Clean machine thoroughly from inside and out. Remove food turret, old trim and front panels, then do bodywork and paint. Check control boards, door switches and solenoids, transport motor, triacs, displays, evaporator and condenser fans, temp probes, door blower motors, directional solenoids and ballasts. Replace or repair if necessary. Install light bulbs, trims, refrigeration, front panels, delivery doors and other items. Coin and dollar bill test machine, and check refrigeration unit.