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Before reading Vending Mix Knowledge Base please Understand these basics:

    1. Pepsi/Coke/Dr.Pepper/7-up, etc. do NOT make soda machines, soda machines (95%) are made by Dixie-Narco, Vendo, Royal, Cavalier and USI/FSI/Wittern. We will be referring to the manufacturers names/models or just “soda machine” if the info applies to all makes/models.
    2. Single price/Can only machines vs Multi-price/Can & Bottle machines – this is a VERY important difference, because these 2 different types of machines are wired entirely differently. So therefore servicing each of them is different. The easiest way to tell the difference is if it has a digital display it is multi-price and if not it is single price.
    3. We do not sell or service Genesis, Antares, Seaga, etc. These are cheap “Chinese” made machines and are not used by regular vending companies because they are not strong enough to last in the commercial environment. We have no experience with these machines and so cannot help you fix them.
    4. Common Abbreviations: AP= Automatic Products(manufacturer), Crane/National= National Vendors(manufacturer), Coin Mech/Changer/Acceptor = Coin Mechanism, Vali/Validator/Acceptor = Bill Acceptor, Compressor = Refrigeration Deck

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Pricing Problems

National Snacktron 1 Will Not Accept More Than $2.00
Q My name is Mandy and I have Snacktron 1 and I have set the price to $4:00 on every try. But it will only credit up to $2.00. I did a diagnostic and the electronics said ok. So we changed the price on every try to $2.00 and it works fine. Any idea how to change it to $4.00?

A This machine can not be priced any higher than $2.00. With some electronic conversions they could be priced higher but, those conversion kits are not made anymore and they would cost more than the whole machine today.

Set Price Problems
Q We recently purchased a Dixie-Narco DNCB 501/MPC-8 for our employee break room. When we purchased the machine the set price was .75 cents. When we tried to change the set price to .50 cents everything seemed to work fine, but the machine will still only vend for .75 cents. The display shows .50 cents as the price, but will only dispense .25 cents as change when a dollar bill is inserted. When change is used the machine says to check the price when .50 cents is deposited. When the third quarter is deposited the machine will vend, but shows .50 cents as the set price.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Please let me know if you need anymore information about the machine in order to troubleshoot.

A You have programmed the machine incorrectly, since I don’t know which exact model of Dixie-Narco 501 you have, you will need one these manuals which are on our website in the manuals section:
This one is for older models with the long controller board usually located in the middle of the door:
– Dixie-Narco MPC Manual
These manuals for newer machines with controller in upper left of door.
– Pepsi and generic machines: Dixie-Narco SIID-2-Button-Programming Manual
– Coke machines: Dixie-Narco SIID-4-Button-Programming Manual (Coke)

Coin & Bill Acceptor Problems

Coinco Bill Acceptor/Validator BA30 Model Problem
Q Hello, I currently own a snack vending machine and i recently got a problem with my bill validator.
The problem is that even though the change box has enough change, the bill validator will not accept bills .
The place where you put the bill don’t make any sound and also don’t accept any bills. Also, inside there is a red LED
light on the validator and it flashes about 6 times before it resets. Please can anyone help me how i can fix this?

A 6 Flashes means the stacker motor or the home sensor is bad.
Make sure you do not hand fill the tubes above the high tube sensors and then vend with change 2-3 times.
if the bill validator still does not work, it needs serviced.
There is no way for you to fix it there.

Need Help w/ Dixie Narco 276 S2
Q I have a Dixie Narco 276. I sell cans only at .75 cents. It was working perfectly but when I went to restock today the apartment manger said it had not be accepting bills. I opened it up and looked around, checked the fuses, no obvious problems. I was just going to close it up and come home to do some research. But upon closing it, it no longer vends. It will take dollars now but it just says 1.00 on the display and not matter which selection you press it will not vend. Same thing with coins. The only thing you can do is have the money refunded, which does work. In addition to this I noticed something else odd. We currently do not stock the first column, a part is broken on it so we just leave it empty, normally when you press the first selection it says sold out but now it does not even say that. Its as if the selection buttons are not working. But they were working prior to opening it up the only issue was that it wasn’t accepting dollars.
I checked it again this morning and tried to run diagnostics. when HD (historical data) is displayed on the screen I should be able to hold down selection 1 + 2 and it go to the next option but it does not, it just remains on HD. Also the light on the coin mech is blinking once indicating a jam. there is no obvious jam but when I put quarters in they drop into the change box rather than into the columns like the nickels and dimes do. (No the quarter column is not full)

A 1. check wire connections.

Dixie-Narco 501E Coin Problem Getting Worse
Q I got a Dixie-Narco 501E that has Mars bill validator and MDB changer. The machine has lost it’s mind….sometimes it fills up and overflows the coin return with change and the digital display is going up $1.00 at a time up to it’s limit then it displays random numbers. The changer and bill validator’s LED is flashing 2 times in a row. This used to only happen now and then but it’s getting worse. Thank you in advance for any help.

A First of all I would change the coin mech, if this does not resolve the problem I would change the control board.

Vendo 475 Coins Drop Straight Through to the Coin Return
Q I have a Vendo 475 that for whatever reason,the coins drop right back down to the coin return box. The red light in the coin mech is not on. The three motor’s to the left will operate only manually,but the five motor’s to the right of the three that work,will not operate even manually. I replaced the five motor’s that are not working with motor’s I had in a parts machine I have,but made no difference. Any suggestion’s?

A If the motors you replaced were good, it has to be in wire connections between motors

All Coins Rejected, Bill Work Fine
Q I have an old Dixie-Narco that has ran well for years. Single price 6 slots.
It has a MEI 6000 coin changer in it and a bill acceptor.
Coins are no longer accepted. Every kind of coin is rejected and drops into the coin return.
However the bill acceptor works find and the coin changer give the correct change. It just won’t accept any coins. Doe it need to be tuned again?

A Yes the coin changer needs to be tuned again or changed.

Seaga Combo Machine Won’t Give Back Dimes
Q I have a Seaga combo drink snack machine that just began to give back the wrong change.
It will not test vend a dime, nor give back one as change. The quarters and nickels work fine and test fine. It doesn’t look to be anything jammed or stuck in the dime slot. I didn’t have any tools with me today so I couldn’t take apart and look at it. Ill be going back tomorrow and would love any ideas or advice? If an item cost .35 and I put in two quarters the item Vends and I receive the nickel but the dime won’t come.

A Sometimes coins can get stuck in the coin changer or the solenoid is not working properly so check those parts carefully and it may fix the problem.

Dixie-Narco 501E Short Changing
Q Bill validator: Coinco MAG52BX
Coin Mech: Coinco G6XUS
I believe our machine is a DIXIE-NARCO 501E
The machine still wont give more than $10.00 in change even though the display shows $18.50 credit after making a purchase with a $20.00 bill.

A Check with Dixie-Narco some machines limit the amount of change returned.

Vendo Works Only With Exact Change
Q I have a multi-price Vendo with a Coinco validator and a Conlux coin mech. It seems to work only with exact change. But, if you give it a dollar it will display “1.00”, then if you buy a $0.75 soda, it will give you a quarter in change, but then the display continues to show “1.00” and freezes. It does the same thing if you load a dollar bill and then hit the change return, it will give you 4 quarters back, but will freeze on “1.00”. No difference whether it is a bill or quarters.

1. I would check the options setup in machine programming.
2. I would change the coin changer.
3. If that doesn’t work, change control board.

Coins Jammed in Coin Mech, Cleared Jam, but now it Won’t Take Coins
Q You helped me with first problem with this machine – Thank you!
Now I have a new problem this Dixie-Narco soda machine jammed up at the coin mech the other day, I cleared the jam and now it won’t accept coins. For a while, I would take the relay out and reinsert it and it would take coins for 1 cycle. Then, it would vend once and wouldn’t take coins again. If I pulled out the relay and reinserted it, it would vend one more time. Now it won’t even do that. It won’t accept coins at all, they fall straight through. Don’t know if it’s related, but one of the selections wouldn’t work when pressed. It works now, but the coins still go right through. I have a brand new coin mechanism on it. HELP!

AThere is no simple way to solve this problem. i understand were talking about single price soda machine. so there can be several problems.
1. Some of the motors may be not working or not in home position.
2. The sold out switchers are not working or you lost the connection on the wire or the motors.
3. It can be bad relay or bad connection on the relay.
4. It could be a bad coin changer.
So you must check one by one until you find the problem.

Cooling Problems

Sensit 2 Vending Machine
Q I have to switch relay on sensit 2 machine. Freezing because constantly running. Have relay having trouble locating to switch and not sure how to switch out. any help appreciated.

A You have to replace the thermostat.

Compressor Gets Hot, Does Not Cool
Q I installed a new compressor about 4 weeks ago, it has been working good.
I checked on it the other day and found that sodas were hot, I check the compressor to see if it was running at that time it would try to run and then the over load would kick and it would stop. The compressor is very hot to the touch, I let it cool down for about 2 hours and plugged it back in, the compressor started up and ran for about a week and the same thing happen again. I am using 134A. Everything is clean and both fans are running.

A This can be several problems,
1. You may not have enough power to operate the machine. You have to have 20 amps in a separate line to properly run the soda machine.
2. The problem could be the fan which is behind the black radiator, if it is not working with full speed then the compressor will over heat.
3. Lastly, it could be the compressor overcharged (who ever was fixing the compressor was putting in too much freon).

Compressor Problem
Q We have a Dixie-Narco soda machine and it worked fine and then all of a sudden it wasn’t cooling the sodas. Checked fans and all the other obvious things, compressor runs but lines don’t get cold. and temp will only reach 75 degrees inside the machine. what can be the problem?

A It could just be the freon that leaked out. You have to call a refrigeration tech to fix it or buy a rebuilt compressor deck.

Compressor Problem 2
Q My machine seems to be cooling fine but fan and compressor are clicking on and off all the time? Is this a bad compressor or what?

A Two things
1. It could be a bad compressor.
2. You may not enough electrical power coming to the machine.

RVCC-376-6 Royal Vendor Coke Machine Will Not Cool
Q I have an older RVCC-376-6 Code machine at home that does not cool. I have replaced the thermostat as the compressor was running constantly. That appeared to have worked as the compressor would actually shut off. We adjusted the thermostat up as the soda was not cold and the evaporator began icing up again (that was the original problem) and the soda would still not get cold. Could anyone direct me to what I should look for next and where it might be? We’d really like to save this and have it working as it is my husband’s Dale Earnhardt Coke machine. Thank you in advance for your help.

A There can be two problems.
1. The compressor can be low on the freon, this may be why it is freezing out or
2. It can be the fan behind the evaporator which may not be working and causing it to freeze up.

Royal 500 Refrigeration Unit Not Cooling
Q I have a Royal 552 with a Royal 500 cooling unit. Condenser fan and compressor fans run constantly and condenser or cooling unit is not cold. I did a jumper on the 2 leads from the thermostat to bypass and unit did not cool (waited 10 min). What else should I check and how? Machine is in a break room on a plug that trips once in a while due to microwaves. Can that fry a compressor? Any help would be awesome.

A Unplug compressor from machine and plug into outlet directly, if it doesn’t get cold your compressor is bad.

Dixie-Narco Vending Machine Compressor Won’t Turn On
Q I can plug the compressor in directly and it turns on but when I had it plugged in the pop machine and wont turn on

1. Check thermostat and make sure it is working.
2. Check wiring to plug on machine.

Pepsi Machine Not Getting Cold
Q I got an older Pepsi Machine DNTP-232-8. Compressor is running fans are running. I replaced thermostat and machine still not cold. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong? Does it maybe need some freon?

A If compressor running but machine is not getting cold that means it doesn’t have Freon.

Old Vendo Cooling Problem
Q I recently acquired an Old Vendo Soda Machine. The person plugged it in outside to see if the compressor was running. The compressor kicked on once and now the internal fan runs. If you bypass and plug directly in at the compressor the compressor will run and the cylindrical tube inside will get down to 5 degrees. I would think this means the compressor is working. The person told me since you have to bypass it the thermostat is probably going out. Any ideas? Could it just be too cold to be testing pop machines in 40 degree weather?

A I would recommend for you to turn the thermostat half way and close the machine for a few hours. After a few hours open the door and if its cold then everything is working properly if its warm its not working.

My soda machine is not getting cold (not cooling), how do I tell if my compressor is bad?
Q Usually the compressor deck has its own power cord. try to plug it in separately and see if its working.

A If it won’t work when plugged in separately it is bad.

Q I did like you said, I plugged in the compressor’s plug to an extension cord and felt the upper coils get cold, so I plugged it back into the machine and it gets cold, but a couple hours later the soda’s aren’t cold and neither are the coils in the upper part (where the soda’s are).
Also the big round thing in the bottom (compressor?) seems to be kinda hot.

A Sometimes trash can get blown in back of the machine and jam/stop the fan from running. The compressor has a thermal cut out switch and if the lower fan isn’t blowing and cooling the machine the compressor will get hot the switch will turn it off. Unplug the machine, then check to see if the lower fan can turn freely or if there are lunch bags, paper cups, etc. in that area jamming the fan. Clean out any trash in the lower area near the compressor or around the machine. Then plug in the vending machine and check to see if you can feel air circulating in the lower area, and check it about an hour later to see if it is still cooling.

Compressor Getting Very Hot!
Q I installed a new compressor about 4 weeks ago, it has been working good.
I checked on it the other day and found that sodas were hot, I check the compressor to see if it was running at that time it would try to run and then the over load would kick and it would stop. The compressor is very hot to the touch, I let it cool down for about 2 hours and plugged it back in, the compressor started up and ran for about a week and the same thing happen again. I am using 134A. Everything is clean and both fans are running.

A This can be several problems, first you may not have enough power to operate the machine. You have to have 20 amps in a separate line to properly operate the soda machine. The next problem can be a fan which is behind the black radiator, it probably is not working with full speed so this is why the compressor is over heated. lastly, it could be the compressor overcharged (who ever was fixing the compressor was putting too much freon).

Hot Compressor
Q So my compressor is hot to the touch and it shuts off after a few hours. The fans can turn when the machine is off, but the bottom one won’t turn at all when the machine is running

A The bottom fan needs to turn to cool compressor or it will get hot and not run. So you need to replace fan motor in the bottom or you will burn up your compressor completely.

Pepsi Machine not Getting Cold
Q I have a pepsi machine that wont stay cold. I believe it was made in 1994 according to serial no. What kind of freon do I buy to put in. No one nos where I live. Also where can I get a manual. Like a service manual for it. It says Coinco on the label. Model no is BA30B. Can anyone help me please

A Usually you can find what kind of freon you compressor is using. It should be written on the compressor or give me the model number of the compressor and I will tell you what freon is used. To find out about the service manual I need to know the model of the soda machine (BA30B is the model of the bill excepted not the machine model).

Compressor Problem 3
Q We have a Dixie-Narco 368/216-8 that we just bought. It’s an older model that has had some parts replaced. It was working when we purchased it, After moving it yesterday and letting it sit overnight, we plugged it in this morning and set it up. It cooled off and ran well until this afternoon. As I was reinstalling the metal shield over the dispenser motors, the machine suddenly shut down. I checked and discovered we had blown a circuit breaker, and I figured I must have shorted something accidentally while installing the metal cover.
Now, I can reset the breaker and the machine works, but only if the compressor is unplugged from the socket at the lower left inside the door. Plug it in and piff… the circuit breaker blows again. This happens even if I dial the temperature control to “off.” I’m hoping you can give me some troubleshooting tips. I’m fairly handy electrically and mechanically and not afraid to break out the old multi-tester.

A Sure sounds like your compressor is shorted internally ,
Check the amperage rating on the tag and then divided into 120 , should give roughly how many ohms resistance the compressor should have , ie 120/7.5= 16 ohms resistance
I’m not a repair guy ,so i’m not sure if this is the proper way to test

A Its definitely because of the shortage and compressor system. If you can’t see any wires touching/shorting against the machine, I would replace the compressor unit because the shortage could be inside of the unit.

Vendo Soda Machine Will Not Get Cold
Q I have a Vendo machine that will not cool sodas. All the fans are working , when power is on. The compressor runs in the machine, but will not cool. However, If the compressor is plugged directly in the wall, it cools just fine. I am not familiar enough with the machines to know what part would make it act like that. Any help would be appreciated.

A What I would check first with any machine would be the thermostat and the door switch(if the machine has one).

Cavalier C6-276 Will Not Cool
Q I have just purchased a Cavalier C6-276 Coke machine, and was told that the refrigeration worked on it. I should have had them plug it in before I got there to verify. Stupidly I did not. It was on its back in a trailer for about 20 minutes and then sat upright for 24 hours before I plugged it in. So right now I am trying to figure out what is wrong with it before I call someone in. I cannot find a thermostat control knob anywhere on it, I thought it might be turned down. Anybody know where the knob is or know if it even has one? Please Help!!!

1. Plug compressor directly into wall outlet.
2. Next try to find thermostat, sometimes they are in back under vend chute & sometimes they do not have a knob you set them with a screwdriver.

8 Amp Fuse Keeps Tripping in Combo Machine
Q I have a National Refreshtron 2 and the fuse keeps tripping on the circuit breaker, shutting off the compressor. I just put in new thermostat as well as I was having compressor issues prior to this. Any ideas?

1. Check compressor for short.
2. Check machine for short.

Old Soda Machine Rubber Door Seal
Q I need to replace my rubber seal on the inside door. I just put a new refrigeration deck in and it is icing up and freezing my soda. I have a VF-192 Vendalator. Does anyone know where I can get one? I also need the upper lock that keeps the top of the door snug. My deck is a VC-264 and does not require a thermostat.

A You may contact a local appliance company. They may help you.

Old Vendo Not Cooling
Q I just bought a old Vendo soda machine. When I plug it in you can hear the compressor clicking like its trying to run but it will never actually run, just clicks. The blower blows great and I assume the cooling fan wont start until the compressor is running and gets warm. Any ideas why the compressor just clicks? I have plugged it int straight to the compressor and it does the same thing. Thank you.

A Your compressor is bad and to be replaced.

Cavalier Soda Machine
Q I am having problems with my Pepsi Machine. When the thermostat is off for cooling it is fine. But as soon as I turn on the thermostat it will run for a minute or two and I will hear clicking like the compressor is turning on and off two or three times, then finally it blows a breaker. Is this a compressor problem or, is it perhaps a relay? If either or, how much for replacement parts? I looked under it, the cooling fan does turn, before it blows a circuit breaker, and it does blow cold air up to where the cans are. This is why I am hoping its a relay. I am going to attach a picture of machine to help you identify it.

A What I would do first, is replace the cooling fan, if the fan is not working that’s why it blows the circuit breaker.

Dr Pepper Vendo Machine Locked Fan, Freed Now Blows Hot Air
Q I went out and found my machine blowing hot air one day. It appears the rain caused the cardboard fan shroud to close down on the fan and prevent it from turning. Pulled off the shroud this freed the fan and now it still blows hot air. Does this mean the compressor is burnt up now? The fan runs and runs but it just continues to get warmer inside. Any good ways to test or is this a guaranteed way to burn up a compressor?
Model ve90-10

A Since fan was not running its definitely that the compressor got over heated and it can be two things heating element burned out and the compressor is still good or actual compressor burned out and needs to be changes. Either way this has to be done by a professional that work with compressor systems.

Q What exactly is a heating unit? Any chance it could be a bad thermostat? Is there a way to ohm a thermostat or test it to see if it is good or bad?

A To test if a thermostat is bad you can plug the compressor unit directly to electrical outlet if its cooling that means its bad, otherwise call a professional.

Is My Compressor Bad?
Q Took a chance and bought a $20 Vendo V63. They were not sure if it worked as it had been unplugged for awhile. Anyway, I plugged it in and it doesn’t cool. The fan blows all he time and I unplugged the compressor and did a direct plug in to the wall through a short ext cord. The fan ran and the compressor kept clicking. The coils looked clean but green. What to you think. Is there anything I can do?

A Yes, if it keeps clicking, your compressor is bad and you have to change it.

Product Vend Problems

Dixie-Narco DN 5591 Help
Q It has rows from A to E and then columns from 1 to 9. The problem is that all of row C will not work. C1-C9 will not work at all. When I hit one of those selections I get the message “Try another Selection”. I have done the self test but all it says is that it could be a bad solenoid or channel. But I do not think that all the solenoids in row C are bad if everything else works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A Check connections from shelf to board.

GPL 159 Candy Rows Not Working
Q I had a bent pin on the tray board in my GPL 159. I ordered a new board and harness and replaced them both. Now only the odd selections are working. Is there a difference between the boards for the 5 selection trays and the 10? I know the motors are different “half cycles vs full cycle”. When I try the even selections the machine pauses for a few seconds like its attempting to run the motors but then says make another selection.

A On regular National machines the boards are the same so maybe you need to make sure you hook up everything correctly. Check for broken connections, e.g. wires, pins, harnesses, etc.

DN 276 Not Working
Q I have Dixie-Narco 276 single price machine that was in storage for years, took it out put at home. But now will dispense automatically from column 3 as soon as unit accepts quarter-no selection made. Then once section 3 is sold out, the machine will only dispense from section 5 but only if you press the corresponding button. It will not disperse from 1 (or 2) or 4 or 6 at all (it won’t even make the clicking sound you usually hear when selecting the button).

A It can be two problems
1. The micro-switch is bad on motor selections 3 and 5.
2. The motor brakes are broken and need to be cleaned or replaced.

Dixie-Narco Pepsi Machine – Auto Vending
Q We have an older dixie-narco machine we picked for the office awhile ago. Has been working fine, but now it just started auto vending from the same slot as soon as the money is inserted without touching any of the selection buttons. Thought it might be the switch so I replaced it. Problem still there… ideas for the next step?

A Try to replacing the motor that’s causing this problem

AP 6000 Snack Machine Says “Make Another Selection” for Every Selection
Q I have a problem with my AP 6000 snack vending machine. It will accept coins but when any selection is entered (e.g., A1), the “make other selection” light blinks and nothing vends. Then, when I open the machine and switch it to “Test Vend” mode and start entering slots to test, nothing turns for any slot selection I enter.
I took out all the shelves and traced the wires to the control board to see if any wires were unplugged, but everything was plugged in. It is getting power because I can dispense coins and change prices with no problem. Any help appreciated.

A Couple things:
1. Your controller board’s battery may be dead. So that when there is a power glitch (from a short in the line or the machine) you lose all your prices. Try putting new prices on every selection and then purchase an item from a selection. Make sure there is no power “glitch” while you are doing this.
2. Try to put each selection to $0.00 and press a selection to see if it will vend without money (free vend).
If this doesn’t work then you may have controller board bad in the section that controls motors.

DN276E Jam Cleared But Motor Won’t Reset
Q I have a DN-276E HVV machine. 6 columns are cans and 1 bottle. The bottle column #7 jammed. Got the bottle out but cannot get the column to reset. Turned off power to try to reset it with no luck. Still reads sold out on that selection. Column 7 doesn’t even show up as an option in the motor test or assign selection.

A Usually the machine has to reset itself, if you push the door switch on and off. Otherwise, maybe somethings wrong with the software, if so, you have to go to programming, and make sure each selection is assigned to the right column.

Q Thank you. I tried that. I tried to reassign the selection #6 for column 7, but column 7 is not showing up in the programming. Am I missing something? Thanks.

A I would check the wires to make sure there is good connection, because this may cause the control board to not see this column.

Machine Will Only Vend From One Slot
Q Just bought a used soda machine. It takes the dollar and then automatically vends from the same slot every time. Also, it takes nickels and dimes but spits the quarters back to the coin return.

A To take care of the problem for same slot vends you have to fix brake on the motor of this slot or you have to replace some of the micro switches on the motor. In case of quarters going back to the coin return, the coin changer has to be fixed or replaced.

Dixie Narco 501R Blowing 2.5 Amp Motor Power Fuse
Q My place of work has a Dixie-Narco 501R can soda vending machine. It started acting up and would not accept change so I had the changer rebuilt. When I replaced the changer all the single columns vend fine. The problem now seems to be with the main board or a double column vending motor. Any time a double column soda is selected the 2.5 amp motor power fuse blows on the main board. I also noticed the #1 column is not in the home position. I cleared the column and tried to home it by pulling out on the door switch. The motor began to move then blew the same 2.5 amp fuse! Does anyone know if this is a board or vending motor issue?

A You have a electrical short somewhere,
First I would replace #1 column motor.

Soda Machine, Can Only, All Sold Out Lights On
Q My soda machine, can only, all the empty lights are on the front of the machine. There is no jam can. I have taken all the can out and put them back in. Still the empty lights are on.

A Either you have loaded cans too far back or you have lost connection in sold out circuit.

Dixie-Narco Motor Problem
Q I have a Dixie-Narco single-price soda machine and I had a problem with motor #3 so I replaced the motor/micro-switch assembly for #3, now none of the motors respond when I put in a quarter and try to make a selection. And I am still having the same qwerk with motor #3, when I press down on the brass part of the brake and manually release it, even the new motor turns constantly without a selection, and none of the other motors do that when I manually release their brakes.

A It can be one of two problems, either you may have switched the wiring harnesses to the micro-switches. You might try reversing their positions, put the inner one on the outer switch and outer one on the inner switch. If it doesn’t work it is easy to switch back. OR it is a wiring problem (short or bad connection) and you will need a vend repair tech or electrician to come out and check the wires, one by one.

Old Cavalier Soda Machine
Q My Cavalier coke machine will not vend slot 2 and 3. The other selections work fine. The button switches, coin acceptor, selection relays, and empty switches are good. Once I put .50 in the “have a coke” light is on. I push selection 2 or 3 and the light goes out while the button is in but no vend. When the button is released, I can make a different selection from 1, 4, or 5 and vends fine. It acts like selections 2 and 3 are empty. Any ideas?

A I would check the wiring to those selections.

Dixie-Narco 501 Multi-price Soda Machine Only Vends From First 6 Selections
Q I have a Dixie Narco 501 that I bought after it was stored for 2 years. It seems to work well except that it will only vend columns 1-6. If you try to get it to vend a selection from columns 7-9, the display reads “try another selection”.

A It can be several problems. First of all the sold out switch is maybe not working. Maybe the motors are jammed. Or maybe from five to nine motors maybe some wires got loose. Either way it is one of those so check them out.

Q Thanks for your help… I checked the vend motors and 3 of them were corroded and locked up due to moisture. I took them out them out and cleaned them, lubricated them and now they work fine.

A You are welcome.

Dixie-Narco 501 Soda Machine
Q I have a used machine that we bought for our employees break room a few months ago, I don’t know much about it, so I really appreciate all the info everyone contributes here. First off my machine is set up for cans, and one slot I have set up for the small 12oz. Gatorades (1 deep). Every thing is set for 50 cents. About 3 or 4 times a day it all of a sudden gives someone their drink and their money back. The next vend it wont let you get anything and returns your money. when you try it again, everything says “Try another selection” , even though they are full. that is different from the “sold out” that is displayed when a selection is empty. Now, here’s what is funny… all you have to do is open the door and close it and it resets itself, until it does it again. If anyone has anything they know of that might be wrong or for me to try I would appreciate it. And if you need more info about certain stuff let me know and I will get it to you.

A Every time you open and close the door you automatically reset the machine. So I think you have some problem with the control board or short which freezed up the board. You should first change the coin changer, then see if there’s a short in the motors and wiring. If this doesn’t help the board needs to get changed.

Q A little more info:
I started paying a little more attention to what exactly was happening and what I’ve noticed is, when the machine gives the drink and the money back, which ever slot was chosen, the motor of that slot did not move to the next hole in the gear, it is always between slots when It messes up. So that is why when you open and close the door, the motor Home’s, and the machine is ready to vend until the next time it does it. Whats funny is, It’s not one slot that does it, It happens on any of them. I have got a new board coming I will try that, when it arrives.

A I think as soon you change the boards it will take care of the problems.

Vendo 354 Soda Machine
Q Our soda machine takes the money, gives the change when necessary, but does not dispense the product. Have tried changing the relay switch, didn’t work.

A Check wire connections to vend motors.

How to Remove a Jammed Can in my Soda Machine?
Q Hi, I got a selection ‘sold out light’ on so I thought it was empty, but the column was full! I unloaded all the cans and down at the bottom a can is jammed (it’s almost standing up) and the selection motor is buzzing/clicking. That can is in there real tight and I am afraid I will damage something by forcing it out. How do I get it out? Do I have to disassemble half the machine?

A First disconnect the power from the machine.
second release the brake on the jammed column. with one hand hold the brake and the other try to turn the motor until the soda is un-jammed take the soda can out and reload this column.

Q Ok, sounds good, but what the heck is the “brake” and where is it?

A Look at the picture below of a vend motor and brake. Push down on the brake (red arrow in pic) while grabbing the delivery bar and turn by hand to free jammed can.
[Pic of Brake]

Vendo V475 Motor or Switch Problem?
Q Four selections not operating properly. Put money in when both cans at bottom ready to drop, switch just moves a little and both switches are in the first notch. No soda drops. Put money in again,and the motor moves to second position and soda drops. After that,it will not take money,but you can just keep pushing that selection and soda will keep coming out each time you push it until you push a selection that works properly,then it will stop doing that.Also,drops two cans at one time. Four selections work fine and four work that way. They are not all in a row beside each other. I tried replacing motors with motors from same type machine,but makes no difference. Still does it.
Is the Vendo v475 a Univendor?

A Several things:
1. Check cam position settings are correct, 1 notch for 1 can deep, 2 notches for 2 can deep, etc.
2. Replace micros-witches.
3. Change motors.

Dixie-Narco 240 Free Vending When No Change Put In, Then Not Vending With Correct Change
Q Dixie-Narco 240 free vending when no change then not vending when correct change put in i don’t know if its a wire switched or what i installed new coin mech tried 3 different ones and tried 3 different relays i have lost hope

A Couple things:
1. Check credit relay make sure it is working properly.
2. Replace the micro switches.

Pop Machine Gives Out 3 Cans
Q I have an older Pepsi machine. Probably early 90’s model. If need be, I can find out for sure. My problem is one column gives out 3 cans for 1 purchase. I tried switching out the ‘driving mechanism from a column I don’t use, and it still does it. It has a plastic round piece on it with 3 little holes and I’ve moved the ‘tab’ to each hole and it doesn’t help. It’s got to be something simple I’m overlooking. Any help would be greatly appreciated….. Thanks..

A Either brake on this motor not working properly or micro-switches not working. By the way you have to adjust the plastic cam on three notches.

Misc. Problems

Dixie-Narco “Not In Service” Problem
Q Dixie Narco Soda Machine Single Price has ‘not in service’ light flashing

A Check to make sure the motor is in the ‘home’ position.

Use the Correct Change Light Trouble
Q I have a Coke machine and the light that says use correct change is flashing off and on and making a clicking noise. I don’t know how to fix that to stop flashing and making a clicking noise. When I unplugged the coin Mech it stops. So does that mean my coin Mech is going out? It except all change and vends out fine.

A You have connection loose somewhere and as machine vibrates it is causing the problem. Clicking is coming from coin mechanism or vend relay but is caused by loose connection.

National 145 Snacktron I No Display
Q I have a National 145 Snacktron 1, That just stopped working. no display, But you can hear the dollar bill acceptor cycle when you plug in the machine and the fluorescent light comes on but that’s it. Would this be a main board? Anyone have any Idea what this could be?

A The bill and lights have separate electrical lines this is why they are working when you start the machine. To see if your board is working or not first you must check if the power is coming to the board.

How to Deodorize an old Soda Vending Vending Machine
Q I have an soda machine with a terrible grease and old stench inside of it. I have tried to put two boxes of baking soda inside it. I have also tried leaving a jar of vinegar for a few days inside and it hasn’t gotten any better. Tried to wash some areas with simple green and still over powering smell. Any good ideas to clean and deodorize?

A What I would do first, I would wash the machine with a pressure washer machine, let it dry and this will hopefully take care of the problem.

AP 111 Snackshop Snack Machine
Q Hi, I got an Snackshop AP 111 machine. The other day I went to install a different coin mech and inadvertently touched the plug in the socket backwards. After this, the coin mech ejects coin once and stops working. I have tried a different coin mech and get same result. What do I do now?

A I’m afraid you have burned out the main board if you have a extra one, you can switch them and see if that takes care of that problem.

Royal RVCDE-8 Passwords
Q Just bought this machine and cant figure out the programming password. Must be different from other Royal stack vendors.

A Royal vending machine factory passwords
342313 or 42313 or 42314 or 4231

AMS LCX Combo Vending Machine Periodically Shutting Off
Q My AMS LCX Energy Star Combo has been shutting off once or twice a week. The employees at my location have been pushing the reset button and it has been coming back on. Any ideas on why this is happening? I changed the outlet it was plugged into and it still is doing it.

A I would check if the plug that has the reset button is working properly and if it is the right plug for the machine.

Sold Out Light, But Column Full
Q Hi, I got a selection ‘sold out light’ on so I thought it was empty, but the column was full! I unloaded all the cans. nothing is jammed. But when i load still showing sold out. Then i tried to replaced with other selection that they are not using much. When i empty Diet Pepsi and replaced with Root Beer, now it showing same message on both. Please help.

A What I would do first is I would check the sold out micro switches.

Pepsi Machine Only Vending at Certain Times
Q I have a a Pepsi Machine (DN 501E MCS11-9). Everything works great, except that it only accepts bills in the morning. About 1:00pm the change acceptor will work and everything is normal. Bills work as normal, and change is given. But until 1, the change falls straight to the change return.
I just changed the date and time and not sure if that will help. thanks

A If you have this problem from the first time you purchased this machine. then you may have to go to programming and remove the time blockage.