We Sell Vending Machines in the Los Angeles Metro Area

Why you should buy from us:

We sell remanufactured ‘commercial’ grade vending machines. We do this because most locations will not generate enough money to pay for new vending machines. Our rebuilt vending machines sell for 1/2 the cost of new vending machines, thus making many more locations profitable. Don’t make the mistake of buying low cost new combo machines or mechanical vending machines, they will bring you only headaches. There is a reason the large vending companies don’t use them – those machines don’t work and they know it.

Our Quality:

All of our vending machines have been pressure washed, sanded and prepared prior to painting. Coin mechanisms and dollar bill validators have been rebuilt. Components are checked to make sure they are working properly with no problems. If a part is found to be non-working, we repair or replace it. We test all of our vending machines with coin and dollar bills after refurbishing.
For a detailed description of our re-manufacturing process check out – Our Re-Manufacturing Process

You can trust buying from us:

We don’t trick you with pricing games, we give you the best price in the industry up front – with no strings attached. Whether you need one machine or a hundred, you can trust us to give you honest advice and all the information necessary to choose the perfect vending machines for your needs. We were one of the first companies to start selling vending machines online and we have thousands of satisfied vending customers.
Most importantly we are listed with the Better Business Bureau and certified online by Paypal, put your mind at ease, use our contact us form on the right or call us to talk to one of our vending specialists.

Wide Selection:

We sell vending machines and parts from the following major manufactures: AMS, Automatic Products, Coinco, Conlux, Crane Dixie Narco, Crane National Vendors, Fastcorp, GPL, Lektro-Vend, Mars Electronics MEI, Polyvend, Rowe International, Royal Vendors, Savamco, USI, Vendo Sanden, Vendtronics and many more. If you do not see the vending machine or part you need listed please call us, we have thousands of parts and can not possibly list them all.

Give Us A Call: 323-816-1561