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Snacktron 1 Will not except more then $2.00

Hi there!
My name is Mandy and I have a snacktron 1 and I have set the price to $4:00 on every try. But it will only credit up to $2.00. I did a diagnostic and the electronics said ok. So we changed the price on every try to $2.00 and it works fine. Any idea how to change it to $4.00?
Thank you.

1972 Cavalier coke machine

My 1972 Cavalier coke machine will not vend slot 2 and 3. The other selections work fine. The button switches, coin accepter, selection relays, and empty switches are good. Once I put .50 in the "have a coke" light is on. I push selection 2 or 3 and the light goes out while the button is in but no vend. When the button is released, I can make a different selection from 1, 4, or 5 and vends fine. It acts like selections 2 and 3 are empty. Any ideas?

SUPER N00B here.. I have a Dr Pepper Vendo Machine that will not get cold.

I have a Dr. Pepper(Vendo) machine that will not cool sodas. All the fans are working , when power is on. The compressor runs in the machine, but will not cool. However, If the compressor is plugged directly in the wall, it cools just fine. I am not familiar enough with the machines to know what part would make it act like that. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a pop machine that wont stay cold

I have a pepsi machine that wont stay cold. I believe it was made in 1994 according to seriel no. What kind of freon do I buy to put in. No one nos where I live. Also where can I get a manual. Like a service manual for it. It says coinco on the label. Model no is BA30B. Can anyone help me please

Hello-first post- machine won't give back dimes

I have a seago combo drink snack machine that just began to give back the wrong change.
It will not test vend a dime, nor give back one as change. The quarters and nickels work fine and test fine. It doesn't look to be anything jammed or stuck in the dime slot. I didn't have any tools with me today so I couldn't take apart and look at it. Ill be going back tomorrow and would love any ideas or advice? If an item cost .35 and I put in two quarters the item Vends and I receive the nickel but the dime won't come.

need help, machine giving a free pop with every purchase

I have a office deli vending machine. It has worked fine for over 2 years and bow all of a sudden its giving away a pop with every purchase. If an item is purchased from row a b or c it kicks out the snack plus the pop in section d that matches the # in the snack section. I.e. a1 snack give a free d1 pop and so on. Buying a pop bends just a pop. And buying a snack gives just that snack + pop but not a snack from any of the other rows. Ive re priced everything and tried to re set it that way. No matter what I've done it still gives a pop with every purchase. It even does this in test mode option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pepsi Machine only vending at certain time

I have a a Pepsi Machine (DN 501E MCS11-9). Everything works great, except that it only accepts bills in the morning. About 1:00pm the change acceptor will work and everything is normal. Bills work as normal, and change is given. But until 1, the change falls straight to the change return.

I just changed the date and time and not sure if that will help. thanks

Snacktron I 145 No display

Hello all, I have a National 145 Snacktron 1, That just stopped working. no display, But you can hear the dollar mec boot when you plug in the machine and the Florescent light comes on but that’s it. Would this be a main board? Anyone have any Idea what this could be?



Pepsi machine not getting cold

I got an older pepsi machine DNTP-232-8. Compressor is running fans are running. I replaced thermostat and machine still not cold. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Does it maybe need some freon?

Royal RVCDE-8 question

Just bought this machine and cant figure out the programming password. Must be different from other Royal stack vendors.

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