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Dixie Narco has not in service button flashing

I have a Dixie Narco beverage machine that has six selections. One button (which happens to be the last rack in the machine) flashes "not in service". The machine is loaded with soda. I recently (2 days ago) had a new compressor unit put on and before that it worked fine. The guy really jerked hard on the door and it is the rack closest to the door jam. I know he will deny that he had anything to do with the malfunction but it worked fine before (just wouldn't get cool enough). I have removed all the sodas from that rack and replaced them so it is loaded correctly. Any suggestions? I don't know how to run it run a practice vend or diagnostic so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Need Help w/ Dixie Narco 276 S2

I have a Dixie Narco 276. I sell cans only at .75 cents. It was working perfectly but when I went to restock today the apartment manger said it had not be accepting bills. I opened it up and looked around, checked the fuses, no obvious problems. I was just going to close it up and come home to do some research. But upon closing it, it no longer vends. It will take dollars now but it just says 1.00 on the display and not matter which selection you press it will not vend. Same thing with coins. The only thing you can do is have the money refunded, which does work. In addition to this I noticed something else odd. We currently do not stock the first column, a part is broken on it so we just leave it empty, normally when you press the first selection it says sold out but now it does not even say that. Its as if the selection buttons are not working. But they were working prior to opening it up the only issue was that it wasn't accepting dollars. Any ideas?

I checked it again this morning and tried to run diagnostics. when HD (historical data) is displayed on the screen I should be able to hold down selection 1 + 2 and it go to the next option but it does not, it just remains on HD. Also the light on the coin mech is blinking once indicating a jam. there is no obvious jam but when I put quarters in they drop into the change box rather than into the columns like the nickels and dimes do. (No the quarter column is not full)

dixie narco 240 free vending when no change then not vending when correct change put in

dixie narco 240 free vending when no change then not vending when correct change put in i dont know if its a wire switched or what i installed new coin mech tried 3 different ones and tried 3 different relays i have lost hope

Genesis 380

Hi. I have a genesis 380 and the bill acceptor is not working. The lights don't blink at all, green or orange. Is there a fuse that controls this? I have 2 spare acceptors, tried them both, neither one of those work either. I don't know why there is no power to the unit. Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

Dixie Narco 501R blowing 2.5 amp motor power fuse

Hello, thanks in advance for any advice.

My place of work has a Dixie Narco 501R can soda vending machine. It started acting up and would not accept change so I had the changed rebuilt. When I replaced the changer all the sinle columns vend fine. The problem now seems to be with the main board or a double column vending motor. Any time a double column soda is selected the 2.5 amp motor power fuse blows on the main board. I also noticed the #1 column is not in the home position. I cleared the column and tried to home it by pulling out on the door switch. The motor began to move then blew the same 2.5 amp fuse! Does anyone know if this is a board or vending motor issue?


soda machine can only empty light on

My soda machines Can only all the empty light are on the front of the machine. there is no jam can. I have taken all the can out and put them back in. Still the empty lights are on

not dropping product

Ok I got the coin mech to work but when I drop the change in it wont drop the product. can anyone tell me where the cam motor switch is supposed to be before the vend and where the lift bar under the product is to be before the vend. the relays are working but none of the rotor gears are turning. can someone please help me with this.

Dixie Narco 276 soda machine dumping product

Dixie Narco 276 soda machine. Sometimes when a selection is made the machine will dispense everything in that selection. I have two selections doing this. What is causing it?

70s Vendo v-125 not cooling

I just bought a late 60s or early 70s Vendo V-125 coke machine. When I plug it in you can hear the compressor clicking like its trying to run but it will never actually run, just clicks. The blower blows great and I assume the cooling fan wont start until the compressor is running and gets warm. Any ideas why the compressor just cliks? I have plugged it int straight to the compressor and it does the same thing. Thank you.

not vending

I have A pepsi machine model # VF100B-A which has a coin mech # 3200-S. which is an older model. I plugged it in and the top light came on and the compressor kicked on and got cold. the problem I am having is it wont dispense the bottles and wont take change which just drops to the coin return. I can manually put nickels and dimes in the coin mech and push the two buttons to eject them so that part works. also I am not seeing any of the relays actuating and none of the selection buttons are lighting up or working. can you please help me with this problem

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